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Eames View Master Reels

Eames View Master Reels

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Charles & Ray Eames: Stereo Photographs
Notes by Eames Demetrios
Produced by Michael Kaplan and Gregory Terry

The stereo photographs in this packet were taken by Charles and Ray Eames in the early 1950s. The images of the Eames House (Case Study House #8) were intended for inclusion in a 1952 exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, entitled “Built in USA: Post-war Architecture.” The original Kodachrome transparencies were cropped to fit the View-Master format and transferred directly to the reels without digital enhancement or retouching.

3 View-Master reels only.





Like you remember as a child, these classic View-Masters are used to look at the stereoscopic reels. View-Master only, no images. Made of plastic, black.

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